Pookie and Peach


Pookie and Peach is a collection of toys, clothes, art and essentials for young children and babies.  Every product has been hand selected because it is quirky, beautifully designed but also because it has been tried and tested and found to be completely practical.

We are happy to give advice if you are looking for inspiration.  Call or email us with your requirements and we will guide you towards the best choice to make you favourite uncle, auntie or godparent in no time.

Who Are We?


My name is Pookie and I am six years old, and my little sister is Peach and she is three. Our Mummy loves finding cool "stuff" for us to play, wear and look at (we consider ourselves to have done rather well in finding her!)

One day we said to her "Mummy, we actually think you have some good ideas and you should tell some other big people about them too", eventually she listened to us (she is always telling us to listen!)

Peach and I like to think we are extremely discerning and we love testing all the toys and things for Mummy and if we don't like we tell it to her straight, "It's rubbish Mummy, what were you thinking!!" This I have to say happens rarely as Mummy is a good learner.

We really hope you like our collection of stuff, we will continue to find more things with Mummy's help and hope you enjoy them...

Love Pookie and Peach x

Mummy in her youth...